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Apr 30, 2013 10:00pm PDT
developments of the day. president obama used a white house news conference to press congress for action on budget cuts, immigration and closing the prison at guantanamo. the president also said it's still unclear who was responsible for chemical weapons being used in syria. but he indicated he's considering military options in response. and three nato troops were killed in a bombing in afghanistan. >> ifill: online, we have a little unconventional advice for you on how to get and keep the right job. hari sreenivasan has more. >> sreenivasan: headhunter nick corcodilos answered your job search questions in a hour-long live chat today. read his suggestions on how to get more out of networking and "moving up" in your own company. that's on our making sense page. it's not a bird or a plane; it's space debris. on lunch in the lab, a look at how space trash can menace satellites, spacecraft, and even earthlings. on art beat, comedians hit the social media stage for a week of one-liners and live-tweeting in the first ever comedyfest. and tonight on "frontline," americas response to terr
Apr 26, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. white house letters to senators said u.s. intelligence assesses "with varying degrees of confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale, specifically sarin." the disclosure put new pressure on president obama to take action. he met today with the visiting king of jordan, and said the findings are preliminary. >> we're going to be pursuing a very vigorous investigation consulting with our partners in the region as well as the international community and the united nations to make sure we are investigating this as effectively and as quick, quickly as we can. it's obviously horrific as it is when motors are being fired on civilians and people are being indiscriminately killed. to use weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations that is going to be a game changer. >> brown: the president has also said any use of chemical weapons would cross a red line. and on thursday, republican senator john mccain said, "it's been crossed." >> the president of the united states said that this would be a red line, if they used chemical weapons. those stocks of chemi
Apr 30, 2013 4:30pm PDT
term. >> right. i have a scene in the book president obama called ben bernanke over to the white house in august 2009 the wednesday evening right before bernanke flew out to jackson hole. but it was secret for several dates. bernanke, it was only announced when the president was on vacation the next week in massachusetts. the question this year is how quickly does the president move on finding a new nomination, whether it's ben bernanke or someone else. it will clearly be somewhere around that time, late august, september you. don't want to wait too long because you have to get the person confirmed before bernanke's term ends in january of 2014. i think it's really the biggest decision barack obama has to make this year. >> neil irwin, thank you very much. writer of "the alchemist." tomorrow we'll speak with randy kroszner about the fed, the statement and the health of the economy. >>> still ahead on the program, banking budgets and badges. why the girl scouts is no longer just about selling cookies. >>> but first, a look at how commodities fared today, including gold,hich had it
Apr 30, 2013 11:00pm PDT
marks the 100th day of president obama's second term in office, this morning he held a conference at the white house and explained his stance on the use of chemicals weapons in syria. >> what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of syria, but we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them, we don't have a chain of custody that estlishes what exactly happened, and when i am making decisions about america's national security and the potential for taking additional action in response to chemical weapon use, i have got to make sure i have got the facts. >> rose: and he condemned congress for stalling efforts to close guantanamo bay. >> i have asked my team to review everything that is currently being done in guantanamo, everything that we can do administratively and i am going to reengage in congress to try and make the case that this is not something that is in the best interests of the american people. the idea that we would still maintain forever a group of individuals who have not been tried, that is contrary to who we are, it is c
May 5, 2013 12:30pm PDT
one minority they could start with. [laughter] hello? a trial run.s >> president obama at the white house correspondents' dinner. sarah palin said it was pathetic. too much hollywood glitz, not enough exciting political figures like max baucus or chuck grassley. [laughter] think, to a certain extent, the criticism of the dinner has become as annoying as the dinner itself. it is one night a yea this is not a town that is saturated in glamour, shall we say. i can live with it. >> sarah palin call did a nerd prom. >> i guess maybe it is, but there sure are a lot of people at it. i decided to go because i had not been there for years. it was a mob scene. if he did not station yourself at the entrance to see the glamorous people, you did not see the glamorous people. >> how about the president's performance? >> i thought the president did well. >> he did better than well. >> i'm sorry, i guess he did better than well. i will return to my own observations now. i did that realized. i thought he did well. i will leave the opinion to the other experts. ownou are entitled to your opinion. >>
Apr 26, 2013 5:30pm PDT
respect. george w. bush has been a very private former president. twice barack obama won the white house by running against him, in '08 and again in '12. he's never carped. he never criticized. i think that has played well with people. it's hard to look back and say that iraq was anything other than a disaster, and and you can see the shadow and echoes of iraq in the disiks right now as we approach syria or anyplace else-- iran. it's-- you know, that is-- that was a defining moment for this country's foreign policy. >> woodruff: and for his presidenciy? >> yeah, i think it was the poeps-9/11. iraq and afghanistan, it's hard to defend the iraq war as we see it right now. i do think preventing another terror attack, creating that apparatus, that's on the plus side of the ledger. i'm not sure it will outweigh when history judges but i do think he gets credit for that. >> the one thing i do agree with david with is mitt romney lost in 2012 in large part because he at no point did not show any empathy. by 81-18 voters on election day said barack obama cares more about people like me than mitt
Apr 29, 2013 10:00pm PDT
can see here, says "breaking: two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured." everybody went crazy online. it was retweeted 1,800 times to the associated press with almost two million followers. after that we saw a drop in standard & poor's and the stock market. >> $136 billion lost. most of that rebounded in the seven minutes it took for people like me to start rushing over to the white house and find out there were no explosions and for the twitter to suspend the associated account, account which had been hacked which we suspected. >> and which the a.p. out out a correction saying it did not happen. >> th said this say bogus ap tweet, which i thought was very short and tight. >> they had some indication that somebody was trying to break into the system. >> they did earlier and they sent out a warning to all of the 2,000 journalists plus the people working at the a.p., saying someone is trying to phish or get into the system do in the click. >> the phishing scams they send a link that looks like an article. it's asking for data. >> exposes your password. wha
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)